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This is
Migotonayoru Koukou
(Beautiful Night High School)

The students enter to the following schedule, mapping out classes, teachers, and rooms for them all.


授業 教室 先生
(蘭) 美術 107号室 オルライト先生
化学 110号室 サイラス先生
ホムルーム 109号室 テグン先生
音楽教育 112号室 フィッツパトリック先生
日本の文法/漢字 114号室 テグン先生
(桜) 数学 108号室 サイラス先生
英語 113号室 フィッツパトリック先生
ホムルーム 109号室 テグン先生
コンピューター/工学部 111号室 オルライト先生
体育 体育館 エドワーヅ先生

Day Subject Room Teacher
(Orchid) Art Room 107 Mr. Orlight
Chemistry Room 110 Sai Tegun
Homeroom Room 109 Mr. Tegun
Music Room 112 Mr. Fitzpatrick
Japanese Grammar/Kanji Room 114 Mr. Tegun
(Sakura) Math Room 108 Sai Tegun
English Grammar/Writing Room 113 Mr. Fitzpatrick
Homeroom Room 109 Mr. Tegun
Computers and Technology Room 111 Mr. Orlight
Physical Education Gym Mr. Edwards

Rooming assignments

(Dorms are decent sized with a kitchenette, a full bath, and a bedroom)

Room Occupant
Room 217 Killian Orlight*
Room 216 Sai and Den Tegun
Room 218 Arthur Fitzpatrick
Room 213 James Edwards

(Student dorms have been remodeled and are like modest sized apartments, the bathroom is still public down the hall)

Room Occupant 1 Occupant 2
Room 219 Sato, Yukio
Room 214 Itoshiki, Nozomu
Room 215 Cayde Ainsworth
Room 220 Roxas Takarai
Room 221
Room 222

Time Schedual for the entire school day

First Period (7:20am - 8:50am)
Passing Period (8:50am - 8:58am)
Second Period (8:55am - 10:25am)
Passing Period (10:25am - 10:55am)
Homeroom (10:55am - 11:10am)
Lunch Period (open) (11:10am - 12:40pm)
Homeroom (12:40pm - 12:55pm)
Passing Period (12:55pm-1:25pm)
Third Period (1:25pm - 2:55pm)
Passing Period (2:55pm - 3:00pm)
Fourth Period (3:00pm - 4:30pm)

This is a free form Roleplay. Do not ask me if the school has certain things. If you want the school to have a soccer field, it will have a soccer field. Anything you think a school should have (within reason--no S&M Dungeons unless your character builds one folks)the school will have whatever its students need.

{[(Currently Accepting Applications)]}

Students Needed
This is a Shounen-Ai/Boys Love Role-play...get used to it.


  1. Please for the sake of all that is holy stay in character as much as possible if you must speak out of character surround what is out of character with (( )) so peole can differentiate

  2. This is a Boarding School and as such there will be order to be followed, and broken of course but while classes are in session if you arent in class and a teacher spots you your character will get in trouble so dont pitch a bitch about strictness...its a boarding school.

  3. Block Schedualing will be used, 4 classes a day with two alternating days.

  4. Time...this is a big issue as what may take pages to roleplay out may only take two or three minutes in our characters lives...therefore Time cannot be a set in stone thing can it. Classes and Eating Periods will only pass if there is significant inactivity so dont be surprised if say first period lasts four days real time.

  5. Classes have been chosen and are in fact set in stone they are posted above.

  6. Discipline will be handed out by the NPC Techers and or Student President...as having a player in the role of principal would be boring

  7. Yaoi, we all love it...but you dont want a steamy sex scene interupted by other people so please take the sex to an Instant Messenger and then post a transcript of it later for us all to enjoy.

  8. I am an open minded individual so sex between teacher and students will not be looked down upon by me...hell im playing a teacher...but in character remember that it in fact is taboo to have sex and or make out with a teacher...so dont flaunt the fact...unless your character is like that.

  9. I am the only one who can play the part of the bell unless I dole out the responsibility to another person.

  10. These rules may change be bent or even broken by me...dont complain...its just how I am.

  11. Please dont Power Play or Meta-game...meaning dont use out of character knowledge in character.

psychogurlie's Rules to Live by:

psychogurlie's demands:

  1. For the love of all that is yaoi, please speak at least somewhat decent English. Really. That's all I ask. You don't have to be perfect, but every time I see someone writing 'ur w/ me, right?' God kills a kitten.

  2. Not really a rule, but as a general "hey, this'll make things tons more convenient" guideline: When you have to leave, leave a comment on your latest post saying so. That way we can easily see who has left already, and we won't end up waiting forever for a response from someone who is no longer there.

Character Sheet:


















Favorites: (Optional and can be added to and have parts removed from, this is only a guideline)

  • Food:

  • Snack:

  • Color(s):

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  • Music:

  • Car(s):

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